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The office is in charge of supervision of important matters, drafting documents, organizing conferences, handling documents & calls & letters, construction of corporate culture, archives management, confidential data, secretarial matters and other administrative affairs.

The office has four subordinate offices: Secretaries Office, Administrative Affair Office, Corporate Culture Office and Archive Office.

The OMC department is the professional functional department which conducts marketing management, material procurement, budget control and economic responsibility examination. 

The HR Department is mainly in charge of constructing HR management system, planning and guiding HR management of each business, researching and innovating HR managing technique, developing and optimizing the use of HR. Besides, the department also undertakes HR plan including recruitment, distribution and salary management.


Auditing Department is in charge of supervising the work of economical operation of the company. Its usual routine includes finance auditing, operating management auditing, auditing of economical responsibility, auditing work of subsidiaries, contract management.

The department has three offices: Economic Supervision Office, Internal Auditing Office and Engineering Cost Office.

Legal Affairs Department is the functional department working on management of legal affairs. The department is mainly in charge of legal affairs of the company and conducting and supervising the affairs of regions and subsidiaries.

Investment Management Department is in charge of project management, investment management, information planning and PR management. Its routine work includes compiling medium and long-term development plans; providing assistance to projects; handling the PR with all levels of government departments; guiding the official approval of project. 

Internal Control Department is the functional department conducting internal control system & organization. It is also in charge of construction of internal control system and procedure system; management of group informationization, instruction and foundation; examining relevant work of subsidiaries.


Knowledge Management Office is the comprehensive department of knowledge management, information management and code management. The office conducts system construction and the construction of information platform to apply in the whole company. Besides the office collects a lot of information and compiles code regulation.

Through collecting, sharing and applying all kinds of knowledge and confirming all kinds of code regulation, the enterprise will make its business more standardization and improve capability of its staff.

The Production & Technology Center is the professional department mainly conducting the production. The center is in charge of construction of professional regulations and systems; research and management of mining technology, grinding process, calcining process; production & operation management, system debugging of new lines, management of technological transformation, argumentation of new project and preliminary examination, energy-conserving and emission-reduction, environmental protection, and other related work.

The Finance Department is the professional functional one managing the whole company finance and guiding the finance work of subsidiaries. It also provides managing suggestions and decision bases for senior managers. 


The main responsibilities of Secretary Room of the Board includes following aspects:

I. Undertake the preparation and convening general meeting of shareholders, board meeting and supervisory board meeting as well as some routine work.

II. Compile and disclose annual report, semiannual report and quarterly report as well as other important information.

III. Manage the investor relation; receive the visit and calls of investors and potential investors.

IV. Draw and perfect relevant regulations of corporate and subsidiaries governance structure and standardized operation; manage the equity of corporate and subsidiaries.

V. Communicate and coordinate the work with portfolio supervision institutions and intermediaries.

VI. Organize and coordinate the work of compiling and reporting the financing documents.

VII. Organize the training of laws and regulations of securities.

The Equipment Management Department is mainly in charge of mechanical equipments and building and perfecting the management system including the operation of mechanical equipment, maintenance, spare parts management, quarry equipment, special equipment, management of fixed assets, assessment of specialized persons and technical support.


The major work of the QMD is to strengthen the quality management and improve the quality level in order to realize management innovation; to guarantee the product quality to increase competition; to protect reputation of the Dunshi trademark to realize brand benifit.

The department is in charge of quality management, certification system management, management of comprehensive utilization of resources, brand management, testing management, management of quality personel, management of large analysis equipment and R & D of new cement product.

The department is professional of engineering management. It is mainly in charge of construction & installation of investment projects, compiling the technical part of bidding documents, taking part in bidding work; management of project in construction, construction management, cost management, internal check and management of fixed assets transformation. 


Main responsibilities:

I. Carry on engineering design of new project with Hebei Provincial Building Material Design Institute.

II. Carry on design work of technological transformation projects.

III. Participate in project verification of new construction; optimize the design plan and realize the standardization of engineering design with relevant departments to sort out the design specification fit for the company.

IV. Assist to solve important production problems of lines in subsidiaries and provide technology support and service.

V. Develop external market actively and try to carry out external design project of cement production line.

VI. Develop scientific and technical innovation with pertinence.

The Bidding Office is mainly in charge of bidding system construction of Jidong Cement and its subsidiaries bidding work; all bidding management of the design and construction of qualified engineering and projects, equipment and bulk purchase. The Office will make great effort to protect the economic benefit of the enterprise and meantime it will achieve “just, fair and open” for the society.


The EAD is the comprehensive department conducting electric automatization and informationization including system construction of electric equipment and informationization, research & popularization of electric technology, operation management of electric automatization equipment, installation management, management of waste heat power system, maintenance management, and training. 

Labor Union of Jidong Development Group has three offices: Union Office, Union Finance Office and Organization & Propaganda Office. The Union Office is in charge of family planning management, female employees’ management, incoming & outgoing of documents, working plans arrangement & summary, and mediation of labor dispute. The Union Finance Office is in charge of management of openness of factory affairs, workers’ conference, collective agreement, retired employees, union expenditure, employee benefits and salvage of the needy. The Organization & Propaganda Office is in charge of construction of employee’s organization, technology innovation, appraisal activities and recreational & sports activities. The Union has Fund Examination Committee, Female Employee Committee, Mediation Committee of Labor Dispute, Life Security Committee, Democratic Management Committee, and Organization & Propaganda Committee. The Union has established 44 basic unions and 1800 union teams with over 16000 members in subsidiaries in Jilin, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Hunan, Shanxi, Shandong, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei.

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