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Jidong Cement Rewarded “Star Enterprise for LC, Safety, Environmental Protection & Responsibility”

Time: 2012-08-06  Source: Jidong Cement

Tangshan Jidong Cement has gained the award certificate “Star Enterprise for LC, Safety, Environmental Protection & Responsibility”.

During recent years, Jidong Cement has taken the development of low carbon economy as its certain social responsibility. It has great achievement on low carbon and environmental protection. During the 11th Five-Year Plan, its comprehensive energy consumption of standard coal in cement per ton has decreased from 124.71 kg to 97.24 kg with total 111200 tons of standard coal’s energy-saving. The discharge of SO2 has controlled less than 510 tons which has decrease 20% emission. In last year, Jidong Cement had saved 43.626 million KWH which meant the company had reduced over 150 tons of CO2. Also Jidong had used 2500 tons of residues.

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